Hey there, I’m Nekea Valentine and I write words that shape fashion! Pull up a seat, grab a cup of tea and get cozy as I share my journey and love for fashion, apparel, beauty, home décor and lifestyle with you. I’m sooo glad you’re here, because you’re going to dig this if you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone who simply loves beautiful things! I’m going to talk about my own sense of personal style and fashion and as well as how to tap into your own, fashion collections that we love, fashion designers with a fresh perspective, new happenings in the fashion industry and much, much more!

So, a little bit about me. I’ve been a fashion writer for well over 10 years and I’ve written for every type of fashion retailer imaginable (from high-end to low-end) and as well other fashionable industries in the home décor, beauty, travel and lifestyle spaces.

In these challenging times, the face of fashion is changing. I believe that it will continue to evolve with the effects and after-effects of Covid-19. High-end fashion is gravitating into unchartered territory at a heightened state with different avenues like, partnering with Amazon as a distributor, to remain relevant and successful in the aftermath of Covid-19. I think this is an innovative solution and a testament to what evolution looks like when fashion houses must pivot.

But anyway I digress, and we’ll delve into this a little later. Allow me to extend a warm welcome to my blog :grinning:

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