Hi, I'm Nekea Valentine and I Write Words That Shape Fashion​

I’ve been a professional writer within the fashion industry for well over 10 years. I’ve always believed that fashion transcends race, class, gender and status. It’s the ever-evolving phenomenon from which personal style and beauty emerge. I am the voice that speaks and writes about its fragility, its strength with descriptions that capture its essence. I write to evoke emotions that make the presence of fashion undeniable because it elevates and transitions one into a world where the possibilities are endless. I describe that one-of-a-kind dress by Zac Posen that makes you feel like the Cinderella of the ball…or the red carpet. I write about fashion to unearth its intangibility to make it real and to uplift the spirit of others who appreciate it, and to arouse the curiosity of those who have yet to discover it. 

Nekea Valentine About Image

I started my journey working for Jones Magazine, a national fashion magazine with its first national debut.
From there I’ve worked for major brands writing everything from product descriptions to email marketing campaigns. If it’s about fashion, I’ve written it. I’m a proud member of Fashion Group International, an organization that celebrates fashion-related businesses by promoting educational programs devoted to fashion.


Along the way, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to write for beauty, accessories and home décor – all of which I believe are an expression of fashion. Our very homes make a fashion statement and so do the accessories that we choose to foster self-expression. 


I want to continue to write words that breathe life into fashion to influence the lives of others. Fashion can change the way one sees the world and better yet, can help one discover how they fit into this world with its intimate display of individuality and sense of style. I want to continue to help others rise up, over and beyond with fashion. That is what Nekea Valentine is all about.